Maliakos Kleidi Highway – Greece

Aegean Motorway concession company was established in Greece with the exclusive purpose to carry out the design, construction, financing, operation, maintenance and exploitation of the Maliakos – Kleidi Motorway (from Raches I/C to Kleidi I/C) part of the main hiway of Greece that connects Athens, Larissa & Thessaloniki.

The installation of Olympia JV Store Database was a software system based on the previous version of 

Olympia JV, a joint venture between Hochtief and AKTOR  used the powerful software with a custom database that served to the construction of the project from start to finish.

Four departments and management of Olympia JV where using and having access to the Olympia JV Store software.
The Procurement department was connected to the system saving all requisitions and purchase orders. 
The Store department had online access to the system on all remote construction sites and stores.  Storekeepers had access to all purchase orders and made all delivery and consumptions transactions online on the system.
The cost Control department had easy access and could monitor actual costs directly from consumption on site.
The Accountancy department had instant access to data from the Store Database.
Finally, Management had instant access to all available data, from all departments.

See Wikipedia page hereΑυτοκινητόδρομος_Αιγαίου

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