- Cost Tools Open System is a framework designed for Cost Control operations on projects of any scale.
Equipped with the latest technology offers a friendly operating environment with enhanced scalability for developing according to unique operations of every individual project.

Cost Control is designed to cover the wide range of Cost Control Operations :

Cost Control Analysis
Budget control
Actual Costs
Project Performance
Earned Value Calculation
Multi Currency Support
Procurement Control
Store Operations based on Cost Control Structure
Employee Time Keep Control

Scalability offers extended Scalability, Flexibility & Reconfigurability based on an open development model.

In order to handle growing needs and unpredictable factors in projects of any scale, is a scalable system that can be extended at any time without any technology incompatibilities or new configurations.

Protection of our client's investment is our top priority and scalability is a guarantee to achieve that goal. provides the required integrated scalability that can cover from a single-user solution to a big multi-user extension.

Stand Alone Projects is designed and developed based on stand-alone projects.
Using a detailed cost control structure and analysis the wide range of economic activities of constructions projects are easily recorded giving as result extended monitoring and detailed reporting.
Available modules can extend the cost control coverage of procurement - store activities and personnel time keep control.

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Multi Project Control

High-level coverage of multi-projects is available with the special version of which is designed and operational for central and head offices of construction companies.

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Support of is the key element for continuous operation of the system.
Based on the available or customized support plans according to every project needs.

Consulting Services

Our team can deliver specialized Cost Control and Financial Consulting Services.

  • Tender Analysis
  • Buget Analysis
  • Preperation of organization charts
  • Cost Control Reporting
  • Cost Control Department preperations
  • Cost Control Auditing Services

Our Team

Cost Control Consultant
Design & Support

Mrs Fadime Yilmaz
Email :
WhatsApp : +905533347019

IT Services
Design, Development & Support

Mr Stefanos Gkoutziantamis
Email :
WhatsApp : +306976651887


Olympia JV (Hochtief - AKTOR)
Maliakos Kleidi Highway

Installation of Olympia Store
(a system based on the previous version of
Country : Greece
Year : 2008

Olympia JV (Hochtief - AKTOR)
EPPT (Elefsina-Patra-Pirgos-Tsakona Highway)

Installation of Olympia Store
(a system based on the previous version of
Country : Greece
Year : 2009

Forth Crossing Bridge Constructors

Installation of FCBC Store Database
(a system based on the previous version of
Country: Scotland
Year: 2012

Constructora Nuevo Maipo S.A

Installation of for Constructora Nuevo Maipo S.A.
for project Alto Maipo Hidroelectrico
Country: Chile
Year: 2014

ALYSJ - Gold Line Metro

Installation of for ALYSJ Joint Venture for project
Gold Line Metro in city of Doha the capital of Qatar
Country: Qatar
Year: 2015

AKTOR Middle East

Installation of for AKTOR Middle East Construction Company
Country: Qatar
Year: 2016


Installation of for the Construction Joint Venture
between companies of AKTOR and AL JABER ENGINEERING
Country : Qatar
Year : 2017


Consulting Project for the development of a
five level reporting structure for ELLAKTOR
covering Projects, Branches, Areas, Business Units and Holding
Country : Greece
Year : 2018