Construction Project Report

Construction Project Report is a cost control reporting standard for construction projects.

The scope of Construction Project Report is to provide cost control information to management for all major and important aspects of a construction project.

Our team, based on the experience of cost control operations in various construction projects, designed and developed a list of reports that can present in detail the monthly status of a construction project.

The list of included reports cover the wide range of cost activities on a construction project as follows :

  • Project Information
  • Progress Reports
  • Personnel
  • Budget, Actual Costs, Earned Value, Projection, Forecast
  • Detailed Top Sheets
  • Productivity
  • Cash Flow
  • Reconciliation

On a construction project, the local cost control department in full cooperation with our team can adopt the list of reports.  The list of reports can be extended according to the unique scope of works of the projects.

All reports included in the construction project report will be prepared every month by the Cost Control department. Some of the advantages of the construction project report are :

  • a standard guide for the project
  • data collection in one report
  • monthly record of project’s cost activities
  • all time access to management in detailed cost information

The Construction Project Report as a standard can be adopted by any construction project without the need of a specialized information system. 

For maximum performance, our CostTools software will power the preparation of Construction Project Report as the majority of reports are printed using data from the system’s database.

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