Cloud File System

CostTools is using a flexible cloud file system to assist and speed all procedures that are involved in the Procurement & Store module.
The cloud file system can host all available documents powering this way all CostTools users and giving them extended capabilities on document control for Procurement & Store. Cost Control Consulting Services Software Internal Cloud File System

Based on the organization procedures and rules for procurement documentation, all related documents can easily be uploaded to the cloud file system using the easy web interface. 

All related documents are categorized per Purchase Order number and they can easily be accessed from CostTools approved users. Easy upload documents like :

  • Requisitions
  • Purchase Orders
  • Quotations
  • Offers
  • Documents related to suppliers
  • Documents related to products
  • Delivery notes
  • Invoices
  • any other related documents

The system can accept a wide range of file formats like :

  • Spreadsheet files (Excel, Open Office e.t.c.)
  • Document files (Word, Open Office e.t.c.)
  • PDF documents
  • Images
  • Scanned documents
Document Web Explorer for CostTools Viewers
Document Web Explorer for Document Viewers

Access to documents is available only to approved users with specific access limitations. CostTools Users can have :

  • No access
  • Document Viewer can only view documents. 
  • Editor user can view and upload documents. 
  • Administrator can view, upload and delete or modify documents
Document Web Explorer for CostTools administrators
Document Web Explorer for Administrators (Pic.1)
Document Web Explorer for CostTools administrators

Document Web Explorer for Administarors (Pic.2)

If you want to see more of system capabilities please visit the links below

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