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Procurement & Store Operations

One of the most important facts during the development of a project is the ability to control procurement & store operations. A centralized system can give management the ability to control the procurement department and check store quantities.

With the use of the Procurement & Store module, software is able to control procurement & store activities in a powerful database using an easy and secure web environment.

The result is a multi-user software system that is able to complete the critical mission of recording material delivering and consumption on various remote construction sites.

How does it work?

The system is using an easy workflow to follow and record all procurement & store activities using a multi-user with various roles web environment. In this brochure are explained the basic elements of the software which are :

  • Procurement Activities
  • Store Transactions
  • Equipment Control
  • Barcode Integration
  • Management Control

Procurement Activities

All requisitions are recorded on CostTools database from the procurement department.  If there are available data from other IT systems, CostTools can easily integrate them into the database and use them as the main source of procurement data.

The internal electronic signature procedure allows management at all levels to turn requisitions to purchase orders directly from the system.

Store Transactions

The store department creates all records for the consumption of materials to various cost centers. The system is updated providing instant data for expected quantities, remaining stock, detailed consumption quantities and actual cost per cost center.

The powerful web environment of the software gives the ability to all remote storehouses on sites to access online and record all transactions on the system‘s database.

Equipment Control

Part of the Procurement & Store module is an extra sub-module for Equipment Control. In this case, all transactions regarding equipment like fuel oil, diesel, spare parts are recorded.

The system is following the procurement & store workflow. This way all purchase orders related to equipment are used in order to keep track of their costs.

All equipment items are integrated into the system. When there are store transactions related to equipment use, these transactions are connected to each equipment’s unique id.  The system records transactions for :

  • Diesel consumption
  • Fuel oil consumption
  • Spare parts
  • Services
  • any other related cost
  • Records include distance use or hours usage

Detailed and summarized reports are available giving extra information to simple users or management for :

  • Monthly costs
  • Total costs
  • Periodic costs
  • Equipment detailed costs
  • Group of equipment summary costs
  • Costs comparison

Barcode Integration

The integration of barcode in all levels of the system is an ability of software. The internal barcode generator can produce barcodes for all purchase orders and requisitions.

All materials are recorded as store items and they are coded and labeled with a barcode giving the ability to storekeepers to be fast and accurate on delivery and consumption.

Personnel involved in material delivery and consumption is equipped with a unique project id with a barcode. A personal pin number for every employee is required for all tore transactions.

Management Control

Management at all levels has online and instant access to consumption data and uses accordingly all this information for accurate reporting.

The assignment of all transactions to cost centers will give detailed information to the cost control department and access to actual cost data directly from construction sites.

Reporting System

Some of the available reports are :

  • Procurement Calendar
  • Store Calendar
  • Budget – Actual – Store comparison report
  • Supplier Report
  • Material Quantities
    • Delivered
    • Expected
    • Consumption
    • Stock

Data Integration

Specialized data gathering methods offer easy integration with data sources like Excel spreadsheets, database exports, etc. The system’s ability to accept, handle, process and analyze external data allows the project to use different data sources in one place. This ability is useful when in case of an external system is used for recording procurement activities like requisitions and purchase orders.

Cloud File System

The internal cloud file system gives the ability to upload all relevant documents of purchase orders in one place. Upload, search and view of all uploaded documents like requisitions, delivery notes, invoices, etc are very easy through the specialized web environment.


The extended scalability and flexibility are based on the open development model of CostTools and are the best protection of our client’s investment. provides the required integrated scalability that can cover from a single-user solution to a big multi-user extension. Report developing flexibility is giving the ability to our clients to include their report templates on the system. A multilingual translation of the system is available as an integrated extension. Remote access is available offering a full cloud operation of the system.


Check out the special page that contains screenshots of forms and reports.

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