FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is CostTools.eu?

A. CostTools.eu is a cost control software powered by a database.

Q. Where can be used?

A. It can be used by the cost control departments in construction projects.

Q. What is the technology backend of CostTools.eu?

A. The system is a web application. It is installed on a server and it can be accessed by users via a browser like Edge, Mozzila Firefox, Opera. See more for technical specifications here

Q. How many users can operate CostTools.eu?

A. There is not a limit in users of CostTools.eu.

Q. Do users have different access level on the CostTools.eu system?

A. Users are registered and controlled directly by the administrator who has the role of superuser on the system.

Q. What can an administrator do on the CostTools.eu system?

A. The administrator is able to :

  • create new users
  • decides and gives access to forms and reports accordingly
  • decides and gives read, write, update & delete rights on data

Q. What is “Construction Project Report”?

A. It is a cost control reporting standard for construction projects. This reporting standard contains a list of reports that are able to present in detail the monthly status of a construction project.
The list of reports is prepared from Cost Control Department every month and it provides information to management for all aspects of a construction project.

Q. How does CostTools.eu Team is involved on “Construction Project Report”?

A. Our team based on our “Construction Project Report” reporting standard for construction projects and in full cooperation with Cost Control department, creates a list of reports that will be prepared and included in every month’s cost control report of the construction project.

Q. What is the list of reports created for a construction project?

A. The list of reports based on “Construction Project Report” is created after the detailed and in-depth examination of aspects of the construction project like the scope of works, budget analysis, tender analysis, forecast, projection e.t.c.

Q. How does CostTools.eu system is involved on “Construction Project Report”?

A. The majority of reports are using data from CostTools.eu database and they are printed through the system.

Q. How about support of CostTools.eu?

A. Support department is available to reach by CostTools.eu users.

Q. Is CostTools.eu flexible and extensible?

A. The system is adjusted accordingly to every construction project. The design and development of CostTools.eu was made in order to be flexible and extensible as a construction project faces new challenges during the period of works.

Q. Is CostTools.eu available for custom development software?

A. Development of custom software using CostTools.eu framework is available. See more here

CostTools Cost Control Software System FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

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