Time Keep Control

The open development design of CostTools gives the ability to extend the areas of cost control. Time Keep Control extension module is part of this philosophy where cost control is the center of a construction project.

It all starts with the original time keep data production on construction sites. Working hours are recorded using various technologies like bio-metrics, time cards, etc.

The powerful back end of CostTools database can easily integrate time keep data into the system. When the data import process is completed, data are available for cost center allocation.

The difficult operation of allocating thousands of transactions on a daily basis is done by users with ease of use via a friendly web environment which is available to all remote construction sites.

After data allocation is complete, time keep users can print all necessary timesheet reports and use the extended search capabilities of the system.
Some of the available reports are :

  • Monthly Report
  • Daily Shift Report
  • Employee Report
  • Statistics Reports
  • Cost Center Report
  • Construction Site Report

Cost control department and management are able to have online access to all aspects of time keep data. Using the advanced reporting capabilities of the system a variety of time keep reports can be produced.


The module can be installed :

  • as part of a CostTools installation for a construction project
  • as a standalone module operating only for Time Keep Control

The diagram below is a simple presentation of how Time Keep extension module interacts with CostTools.eu system.

Gold Line Metro Project

Time Keep module originally was developed and installed for ALYSJ JV for the construction of Doha’s Gold Line Metro project.
See information here https://www.costtools.eu/costtools/doha-gold-line-metro/

cost tools time keep control gold line metro doha qatar construction

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